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Sunday, September 21, 2008

This week

We're settling into the routine a little here, finally. Now that we've opened, we've been able to focus on life beyond the show a little. Angie and I went to Sonoma and Napa last Monday on our day off. A nice trip and a chance to see the countryside just north of San Francisco. Some judicious sampling of the local wares was of course to be had. And we've been seeing various people. Jim's daughter Darci and her husband Chet came to see the show, and Angie and I visited my cousin Lisa up in Tiburon. Beautiful little town, and Lisa was a great tour guide. We meant to bring the car back to Berkeley Wednesday night, but I had understudy rehearsal and Angie did some sightseeing & shopping of her own, so we left the car on the street here outside our apartment. It's all perfectly safe, but unfortunately we left Angie's bike in the back seat, foolishly enough. And yes, in the morning, as Angie went to go get the car to take it out to park in Berkeley - sure enough, someone had smashed a rear passenger window and made off with the bike.

We knew better, and we're usually very good about it, but not that particular night. It's not like we're in a particularly crime-ridden part of town, and it was under a bright street light and all that, but these were clearly professionals, in & out in a flash. We're just lucky that they didn't try to rip the stereo out of the dashboard or take the car itself (we do have a club, but I know those are hardly infallible). And stuff like this is bound to happen with all the traveling we're going to be doing, so it's really just fortunate that nothing worse happened. Repair to the window didn't meet our insurance deductible, although Angie's bike is partially covered under our homeowners' insurance, so we'll look for a replacement at some point, a little poorer and a little wiser...

1 comment:

Amy said...

man, people really suck sometimes.

glad all else is well and that someone swiped the bike and not the Butley!